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The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization

Date: 30 Mehr 1393 [22 October 2014]

Number: 590787D

Enclosure: Yes


In the Name of God

Year of Economy and Culture

With National Determination and Jihadi Management

The Honourable Chief Justice of Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice

[Handwritten note:] 1369/93


Respectfully, referring to legal notice No. 931369, dated 14 Mehr 1393 [6 October 2014], attached to the petition of Miss Taraneh Ghiami, a candidate for the National University Entrance Examination in 1393 [2014], the following cases are submitted for judicial exploitation:

  1. The entry examination guide for the universities and higher education institutions of the country has been compiled based on the decree of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, in order to select the most eligible people in the required fields of study in the country and guide the candidates and allocate the country’s higher education facilities to committed and worthy people. The entry guide explicitly states that all participating candidates must meet the general and specific terms and conditions contained in it, and if the relevant terms and conditions are not met, they do not have the right to register and participate in the exam. In addition, according to the rules and regulations of student admission, whenever it is determined that the candidate conceals facts or does not meet one of the general or specific conditions and rules in the handbook at any stage of the examination (registration, participation in the exam, admission, while studying in University, etc.) they will be deprived.
  2. Regarding the presented petition and the claim of the honourable candidate, it is necessary to explain that due to its special scientific and executive structure, the National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization is obliged to strictly observe the relevant laws and regulations approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution. The above-mentioned complainant has not been accepted due to failure to fulfil general terms and conditions stated in the entry examination guide in 2014. Therefore, it is requested that the esteemed president of the court reject the plaintiff’s complaint, taking into account the approvals of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, and the legal principles of the constitution, as well as the general conditions and criteria for studying in academic fields.

On behalf of Mehdi Jamal

Acting Secretary of the Legal Affairs Department



[Official stamp:]

Registered in the indicator programme of Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Number: 1003

Date: 20 Khordad 1394 [10 June 2015]

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the letter]

Registration at the time [illegible] by the Honourable Chief Justice of the Branch

20 Khordad 1394 [10 June 2015]