[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Number:] 701- 3 - 30

[Date:] 14 Esfand 1355 [4 March 1977] [2535 Imperial]


This is to certify:

Mr. Tahmoures Samandari Seisan, son of Zakiollah, born in [redacted] with identification number [redacted], issued from [redacted], was hired to serve in the Imperial Air Force, according to Article 4 of the Command 3469, effective from 1 Aban 1351 [23 October 1972] [2531 Imperial], and was dismissed from the Imperial Air Force on 23 Bahman 1355 [12 February 1977] [23 Bahman 2535 Imperial] because of his adherence to Baha’i ideology [belief], according to Article 2 of the Command 4238 of the Imperial Air Force.


Imperial Air Force


[Official Stamp]