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In the Name of God


Number: 14850

Date: 25 Mehr 1373 [17 October 1994]

Enclosure: -----


In the Execution of Judgment Number 41299/4/62 issued from the Branch No. 6 of the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran

Dated: 17 Mehr 1373 [9 October 1994]

Regarding Evacuation
To the Address: [redacted]

Telephone: -----


On 25 Mehr 1373 [17 October 1994], to execute the above numbered judgment, along with a representative of the Imam’s Relief Foundation (RA) we [were] referred to the address as stated in the above judgment. Mrs. Tahereh Foroughi, the owner of the property, was not present at the house. Therefore, after the minutes of the evacuation were prepared, the aforementioned person [was given] two weeks to vacate the house she occupies. Otherwise, the house will be evacuated according to the judgment issued by the Enforcement Assistant of Branch No 6 of the Office of the Prosecutor. A copy of the minute that was prepared was posted on Mrs. Tahereh Foroughi’s apartment for her information. The minutes, dated [illegible] were prepared and finalized in the presence of the brothers of the Public Unit and the representative of the Imam’s Implementing [Relief] Foundation (RA).

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