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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Tabnak

[Date:] 15 Azar 1397 [6 December 2018]


Fatwas of Grand Ayatollah Sobhani on Hersey, People of the Book, Corrupt Beliefs

Associating with Baha’is

Question: Is it permissible to associate with Baha’is?

Answer: There is no problem if the association is to advise and guide them. But if the association causes them to influence you to approve of them, it is not permissible. And God knows best.

The claim of the Baha’is

Question: Some members of the Baha’i sect say that Baha’ism has come to complete Islam. What is your opinion on this?

Answer: In the name of God, the Almighty: The religion of Islam is the final religion and the Holy Prophet is the last of the Prophets and the Qur’an is the final book. The Baha’i Faith is not a religion, but a political faction that has the appearance of religion. It was first founded by the Russian government and then developed by the British government, and now is handled by the United States [of America]. In principle, Baha’ism has nothing new to complete the religion of Islam and nothing to say that could complete a religion, and there is no shortcoming in Islam that awaits completion. In this regard, refer to refuting books such as “What the Baha’i Says” or “the Father’s Message”. God knows best.

The Beliefs of Sheikh Ahmad Ahsaei

Question: What are the beliefs of Sheikh Ahmad Ahsaei regarding the resurrection, the Ascension of the Prophet (PBUH) to heaven, and occultation of the Imam of Time?

Answer: In the current situation, where Muslims are in dire need of unity, it is not necessary to talk about the beliefs of Sheikh Ahmad Ahsaei, and if you are interested in learning about his beliefs, you can refer to the book Hadyatol-Namle, written by Mullah Reza Hamedani, and also his belief about “Ascension” is mentioned in the book Forough Abadiyyat [Brightness of Eternity], vol. 1, section on Ascension, and also in the book, History of Islamic Sects, there have been discussions about the Sheikh’s beliefs. God knows best.

Voting for Dervishes and Baha’is


Question: Is it permissible to vote for people who belong to the Dervish and Baha’i sects?

Answer: In the elections, only religious people who are committed to Islam and Shi’ism and adhere to the divine rules should be voted for. God knows best.