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[Adapted from website:] T-News

[Date:] 12 Azar 1392 [3 December 2013]


Letter From a Number of Baha’i Prisoners to the President

A number of Baha’is serving prison sentences for espionage have written letters to the president!

Arsh News:

A number of members of the perverse Baha’i [sect], who are serving prison sentences for acting against national security, in a letter to the president, referring to the election promises of the government of prudence and hope (!), demanded that the Baha’is enjoy their rights based on the moral and spiritual teachings of their religion!

According to the report, the letter claims that although the Baha’is have refused to interfere in the affairs of state politics, and are neutral in all political ups and downs, the restrictions on them have increased.

Six Baha’i women, imprisoned for security offences including espionage, wrote the letter.

It is worth mentioning that in the events of the sedition of 1388 [2009] a number of elements of the perverse Baha’i sect participated in organized riots and insulted the sanctities of Islam.