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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Number: 6/47530

Date: 6 Aban 1369 [28 October 1990]

Enclosure ------



Islamic Republic of Iran


Social Security Organization

In the Name of God


Mrs. Kayhandokht Sabetian

Address: Babol County [redacted]

In reference to the letter dated 17 Shahrivar 1369 [8 September 1990], this is to inform you that:

Considering that by virtue of order number 95, dated 29 Bahman 1362 [18 February 1984], of the Reconstruction of Human Resources Review Board of the Ministry of Health, the late Mr. Manouchehr Derakhshanian was permanently dismissed from service in all governmental offices (for the offence of membership in the perverse Baha'i sect), payment of his pension to his survivors has no legal grounds. 


Yahya Jafari


Director General for Pensions

Copy to:

Office of the director with reference to the incoming letter number 7108, dated 22 Shahrivar 1369 [3 September 1990], for information.