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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Illegible] summons [illegible]

Date 22 Shahrivar 1314 [14 September 1935] (175) – 841 [Illegible], Supreme Court of Justice, Department of Investigations Writ of Summons [Illegible]

Name [illegible] Father [illegible] Place of residence [redacted]; Place of appearance (Department of Investigations (Branch 2. Bring your birth certificate); Time of appearance, 3:00 [illegible] on Wednesday, 26 Shahrivar 1314 [18 September 1935]

[Illegible] Date of signing: Name of the officer in charge: [Illegible] Signature

[Illegible] Writ of Summons of the Magistrate’s Court

Date 1 Mehr 1314 [24 September 1935]; Number 171, Criminal Court 14 – 4 /153; Writ of Summons, [Illegible] Mehran

Name: Heshmatollah, son of Mohammad Reza; Details:  Known occupation, textile trader; Place of residence [redacted]; Number [illegible]; Application [illegible]. In regard to not getting an identity card for your newly arrived [new born] infant, the officer in charge of notification has applied for two months’ imprisonment for you in accordance with Article 7 of Birth Certificate Statute law 310.

Your attendance is required for investigation.

Time of appearance, Saturday, 10 Mehr 1314 [3 October 1935], four hours before noon [8:00 am]. Your attendance is required at the Magistrate’s Court.

Chief Clerk of the Magistrates

Numbers of [trial] stands [illegible] Mehran statistics    184 number [illegible] 184

Barcode Number:     198 number [illegible] 198

Ministry of Justice Number:                                     47083                            7145

Head Office [illegible]:                                            47081                             7143

Statistics Main Office:                                             47082                             7144