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Ministry of the Interior

The Cabinet Office

Section: ------


Date: 6 Khordad 1313 [27 May 1934]

Number: 190/400

Enclosure: -----




His Excellency the Prime Minister (may his honour last)

A cable from Kerman Province reports that Seyyed Mohammad Kermanshahani, known as Sultan al-va‘ezin [king of the preachers], has been spreading insinuations from the pulpit in Sirjan about the Zoroastrian and Baha’i religions, since the first of Muharram this year. The recipients of such insults have filed complaints. The local security office was instructed to exile him from Sirjan.

[Signature:] Mahmoud Djam

[Stamp:] Ministry of the Interior


[Handwritten notes at bottom of letter:] To be recorded, 7 Khordad 1313 [28 May 1934]

[Stamped:] Received by the office of the Prime Minister

Date: 8 Khordad 1313 [29 May 1934]

Number: 1/1540

14 – 1/4