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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nabard-e Mellat

[Date:] 15 Mordad 1358 [6 August 1979]

[Issue No.:] 154


A look at the history: How the Evil Pahlavi Regime was Established (2)

It was early in the constitutional monarchy and after the war in Tabriz. The separation of scholars and clerics in the village and new neighbourhoods had taken place and a new government, named constitutional monarchy, was formed. The scholars had returned home and Tabriz was calm. Some of the school teachers expressed concerns that the Baha’is were planning to open schools and to promote their futile principles in the name of education. With the permission of the Ministry of Education, they had already established an elementary school near the area named the Shahzadeh Garden. Education is the foundation of all the virtues if it is good, and the source of all evil if it is bad. They asked for my help. I replied that I could not do much because, first of all, I was on my way to Karbala, and had paid the deposit for my trip. And second, the scholars had just returned home after all this distress. The comrades responded that, first of all, pilgrimage is recommended, but taking action on this important matter is essential, besides you do take the action. Should you not succeed at least you have done your duty.

So they cancelled my trip and got the deposit back. A group of the teachers signed a petition that such

Wrongdoings should be stopped, because, according to the constitution, the harmful activities are prohibited, and [because] this sect is not official.

I recall that one of the great scholars of Tabriz, Hajj Mirza Yousef, was also on his way for pilgrimage, and advised me not to cancel my pilgrimage. He said that he would give his life to stop this organization, but this was an impossible task. The corrupt people were in charge. (The westernized people had got legitimacy from constitutionalism. The incapable and irresponsible people were holding jobs. Our leaders had despaired and become helpless). Anyway, Reza, the bully, was not the ruler at that time, and we managed to negotiate with the Ministry of Education. I also remember that Mr. Hussein, whom I mentioned before, reprimanded [us] and questioned if we were sure that it was a Baha’i organization. I replied that we had proofs and that we were doing nothing wrong. Thank God, we finally managed to close the school, but the school sign was still there as if they were planning to reopen the school later. Perhaps they had closed it temporarily because of the month of Muharram, to avoid people rioting. I asked, to the sermon of which one of the clergy the governor would go. They said [he would go] to the sermon of Mujtahed Hajji Mirza Mohsen. I went to his sermon with some friends. We explained the situation to the Mujtahid that we had managed to close down the school, but the sign was still there. He got the governor’s promise to get the sign down and completely close the school.  So we succeeded and got rid of that organization.