[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Esteemed Council

Issue [a ration booklet], by getting a copy of census the red-coloured form


[Stamp: illegible Arabic words- Ration Booklet- Isfahan 62]



In the Name of God,


Esteemed Governorate,


[This] person is part of the Baha’i Sect.  Eighty families from this sect live in our area, and [their numbers] are increasing every day.  We have therefore decided that this should be stopped and that we will no longer issue the red-coloured form.  With best wishes,


[Stamp:  Local Islamic Council- illegible]



Greetings, esteemed Head of the Valfajr Council:  the carrier of this letter is a temporary resident, but it is not clear if he/she [is] a [student/teacher?] in the [local] educational institution [Illegible].  Leave it [the issuance of ration booklet] to your discretion.



26/2/65 [16 May 1986]