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Ministry of the Interior

Number: 94

Dated: 17 Ordibehesht 1323 [7 May 1944]

Copy of the Coded Telegrams


Communication with the Governorate Offices of Qom, Qazvin, and Abadeh

Based on the information received, recently in different cities, the corrupt elements—by disseminating advertisements and newsletters—have been inciting the residents to riot against the Baha’is, to beat them and to ransack their properties.

Since the main purpose of the instigators is to create turmoil and chaos, and these incitements and their serious consequences are against the high interests of the country and the Iranian government’s national and international policies, it is necessary to take any measures possible to seriously prevent these activities and disturbances, and to determine the identity of the instigators who are engaged in these types of activities, following a comprehensive investigation. [It is] particularly necessary to identify who are the main culprits.

Acknowledge receiving this order telegraphically and notify [us of] the measures that you will take to prevent these corrupt activities. 94


Minister of the Interior