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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Headquarters

Number: ---

Date: 3 Shahrivar 1323 [25 August 1944]

Copy of a Night Paper

Addressed to: The Inhabitants and All Authorities of Semnan

Certainly, everyone is well acquainted with the course of the past events of the City of Shahroud and the killing of our Muslim brothers, which has recently emerged in the name of quarrel and dispute. Yet here, a thousand matters thinner than a hair’s width are hidden there. O you dwellers of the land, you should know that the subject was not as simple or as easy, and the reality was not as it was perceived. It is not a matter of Islam or its enemies and its friends, but the matter is the detestable, unclean hands of the enemies of the independence of Iran, which, after being driven away from everywhere else, have now found our weakest point, which is religious dispute, and have been acting upon it, to suck our blood to the last drop, and all at once hand over our honour and respect to our enemies.

The gist of the matter, O my dear brothers, is that in another short period of time, we can expect the same exact episode of Shahroud to be repeated again, because, as it is has been understood from the recent successive evening meetings, three or four managers of the railroad station of Semnan, who are Messrs. Azadpour, the head of the station; Vojdani, the lieutenant II of the station; Khakpour, deputy head of the movement section, and others, are from those infamous, disgraceful and dishonoured Baha’is, who have started incitements, creating life-threatening rebellion in town and preparing the killing of a number of our brothers.

O ye Muslim people, we, who are your well-wishers, with the discovery of this matter, have done the greatest service to you. Now, you too must, in the name of supporting your religion and your belief, your honour and your uprightness, enter the scene of combat against these few unchaste and dishonourable individuals, and do not let them take over the vast milieu and entirely ruin your affairs. At the end, we are well aware of the realities of the undertakings. To annihilate these few base-born rogues, we should be ready, and you are called to come to our help.

New information in this regard will again be published.

The partisans of the holy religion of Islam,