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3 Shahrivar 1359 [25 August 1980]


The Statement of the Sacred National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

For consideration of the steadfast and unwavering friends of the Blessed Beauty in the cradle of the Faith.

Praise and gratitude to the Beloved of the world Who has bestowed such strength, resilience and courage upon the followers of the Greatest Name in the sacred Land of Iran, that each one of them stands strong with submission and resignation, believing in the explicit Divine promises, and in servitude to His Threshold, constantly reciting the poem: [Persian poem][1].

Dear friends, on the Thursday afternoon of 30 Mordad this year [21 August 1980] when the members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran and two other friends had gathered to deal with the spiritual affairs of the community and review the problems of its members who have been subject to oppression and cruelty, been laid off their jobs, or ousted from their homes and towns, a group of armed people attacked, arrested and took them away to an unknown place.

No need to explain that members of the National Spiritual Assembly are elected once a year by the delegates of the Baha’i community to administer the spiritual and social affairs of the Baha’i community, and to guide and resolve the problems of the local communities. They are also community representatives to the official governmental resources. Whenever the elected individuals are prevented from continuing their spiritual and voluntary services due to uncontrollable reasons, other individuals are elected to take over the said responsibilities and be honoured to serve the community.

As soon as we were informed of the arrests and detention of the National Spiritual Assembly members, we reported to the official national authorities by telegram, and requested prompt investigation and their release. We hope the esteemed authorities will pay due attention and action to relieve the concerns and worries of the families of these servants, as well as those of the whole Baha’i community.



[1] [Divan Hafez: Provisional translation - If arrows fly Down from the sky We submit and lie Looking up, on high] https://www.hafizonlove.com/divan/09/418.htm