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Number 1


In the Name of the Share-giving and Sovereign God,

In the Name of God, Who Crushes the Palace of the Oppressors

Baha’ism is not a religion, but a party whose betrayal of Islam and the clergy is worse than that of the Tudeh Party. (Imam Khomeini)

Greetings to the great leader of the Islamic Revolution, the dormant martyrs of Iran and the warriors of truth against falsehood. According to the precious and historical message of Imam Khomeini on 15 Khordad [4 June] the Baha’i party is deviant, including its betrayal of Islam [and] the Quran, and it is necessary to mention the following remarks.

1-With the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, the month of worship, servitude and respect for the fasting people, anyone who shows in public that they are not fasting, and neglects this matter, while being warned strongly, will be introduced to the higher authorities, if necessary.

2-We strongly warn the supporters of the perverted Baha’i Faith that the betrayal of its leaders and spying for the super-criminals against the Revolution, Islam and the Quran has been proven. They should think about the consequences of their actions and embrace Islam, before it is too late, to guarantee the happiness and salvation of their world and the hereafter.

3- Muslims and youth of the Village of Ivel, do not take advantage of this situation, given that Islam is the true religion and will be the only world religion, and given that the Islamic government is established in this country―rather, in the Taghut system―the Muslims strongly opposed local Baha’is [illegible] considering all of these [illegible] we do our religious duty and warn you Baha’is to respectfully leave your deceitful and deviant preachers as soon as possible and prepare yourselves for the invitation of the holy religion of Islam.

Hoping for the victory of Islam in the whole world, led by the great leader, Imam Khomeini.

On behalf of the Hezbollah Youth of the Village of Ivel.