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National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

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Date: 9 Nur 136 B.E. - 23 Khordad 1358 [13 June 1979]


(The statement of the Baha’i community of Iran)

The Baha’i community, since its inception in this sacred land, has, in addition to tolerating numerous persecutions and calamities, such as physical injuries, murder, arson and plunder of their belongings, also been subject to all sorts of accusations, calumny and unkindness. The forgers of false allegations have artfully tried to spread baseless accusations, according to what was most despised by people at any given time, in order to widen the gap between Baha’is and their compatriots as much as possible.

At this time, when the Islamic Revolution of Iran has been established, and the wave of religious sentiments, and the aversion of Zionism and imperialism have peaked, some people, by taking advantage of them, are trying to put more severe pressure on this oppressed community, and disturb the general public’s opinion against them and wrongfully make them appear as polytheists or [enemies of] the nation, or as elements of internal and external policies. 

Since our dear compatriots are totally unaware of the Baha’i beliefs due to their lack of access to the Baha’i writings, or their information is solely through invidious and baseless accusations of a limited number of prejudiced enemies, we hereby explain certain issues in summary, while strongly refuting the allegations.

  1. The Baha’is believe in the incomprehensible, lofty, invisible Essence of the Creator of all beings, Who is sanctified from any likeness or our knowledge, and believe all the Prophets are divine Manifestations and intermediaries between the Almighty’s blessings and the only means of knowing the One True God. Therefore, the Baha’is are monotheists and not polytheists, and they believe in all Divine Prophets and religions; they are not their deniers, nor are they infidels.
  2. As per their religious ordinances, Baha’is are totally forbidden to interfere in politics, or to accept membership in political parties. This does not mean that they do not care for the affairs of their country. Obedience to the government and national laws and regulations is their religious and conscientious duty. They serve their country and nation with utmost interest. They accept and fulfil any non-political duty with sincerity and honour. It is a wonder to accuse these people [Baha’is] with such beliefs, of being internal or external elements and indifferent to national regulations.