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Date: 4 - 02- 2021


4 February 2021

An Urgent Call to the Government of Iran and the Higher Court in Mazandaran to help the Baha’is of Ivel village get back their properties

We are deeply concerned with the Iranian government’s continued persecution of the members of the Baha’i Faith-the largest religious minority in Iran.

We are cognizant of the fact that discrimination against the Baha’is is not merely a few incidents of injustice by the Iranian government; it is a matter of official state policy.

The recent Iranian court decision to confiscate the properties if 27 Baha’is of Ivel and distribute them to local Muslim residents in the village is one example of gross injustice and discrimination against the peaceful Baha’i community. The judgment is not inconformity with the Sharia law to take properties from one group for their faith and hand it over to Muslims.

Islam is a religion f peace, tolerance and co-existence. To disrespect another religion is explicitly condemned in the Holy Quran.

We urge the Government of Iran and the Higher Court in Mazandaran to take immediate action to help the Baha’is of Ivel get back their properties.


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Maulana M. Mehraban Phulati, President, All India Tanzeem Falahul Muslemin and President Darul Uloom Imdadia







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