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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those with Him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves.[1]


Our glorious and majestic Islamic movement is progressing and advancing with all its might. Imperialism, a wounded snake and Zionism, the essence of filth and murder, though foreseeing their own total destruction, tries every so often and in so many ways to destroy or neutralize this pervasive revolution. For this they use and take advantage of all of their resources.


From beyond the borders [of Iran], agents and dedicated supporters, and within the borders their low life traitors and mercenaries, ie the Baha’is (dirty, traitors and spies whose reality was obvious from the beginning), are some of the most valuable agents of Imperialism and the international Zionism.  In the same way both before and after the revolution, they have proven their loyalty and fidelity to them [Imperialism and the international Zionism.]  For these reasons our group has been quite determined in deciding to make an effort for the total eradication of this mercenary group with the help of the Almighty, the All-powerful God. We will not stop until we retaliate for the murders, plunders and killings that have taken place by their masters meaning, the Sabetis, Ayadis (The Shah’s special doctor?) Hozhabr Yazdani, the exterminated murderer General Nasiri and Iraj Sabeti etc. and we will not stop at anything.  Also for the information of our Muslim nation and to prove their treason I invite you to look at the Kayhan [Newspaper] of Monday 31 Shahrivar [22 September…year ?] where they have received 500 million dollars, which is equivalent to four billion tumans, a reward for their espionage from Zionism, and still some cry for these traitors.


Therefore, for the first time this small action has been taken as a notice and a warning to all the responsible parties in this place[2] and the dirty members of this sect so they will evacuate and surrender this place to the Revolutionary organisations as soon as possible. Otherwise the next action will be much harsher and the responsibility for the outcome will be on the shoulders of the workers of this place.  Therefore they are giving from today’s date of 11 Mehr 1359 [3 October 1980] until the 20 Mehr 1359 [12 October 1980] as the deadline for a complete evacuation.  Afterwards we ask the Muslim people of the area and the Revolutionary Guards to confiscate this place as soon as possible.


Destruction to Imperialism, and Zionism and their inside and outside mercenaries


Victory to the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini


The divinely group of Ra’d



[1] [Quran 48:29]

[2] [ One of the properties owned by Omana Company]