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[Personal information has been redacted.]


From:  Takad Kharg/Personnel

To: NDAJA Command Centre/Human Resources Personnel for Marine Officers

Subject: Name of the second base officer of electronics, Mansour Bahrami



Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Naval Forces

(Telephone -----)


Number: 701-03-137

Date: 7 Azar 1359 [28 November 1980]

Enclosure: None


This is to inform Your Excellency:

As was previously mentioned, the above-named Navy officer has always tried to perform his weighty duties to the best of his ability. Especially at this critical time of war, without propagating his belief and his way of life, he has been able to be of notable assistance to this region through his innovative way of installing the radar system, which is the only eye of Kharg Island and the country’s life vein. 

It needs to be stressed that the personnel of this base confirm that the aforementioned has never propagated his belief, and since the ousting of the looters of the East and the West, he was able to connect, without the help of the engineers, all the cables of the radar system from its very sensitive spot to the combat room, while the foreign engineers had asked for millions of tomans to do this job and had estimated three months to complete it. The aforementioned, however, accepted the responsibility for this job without its being his duty, and finished the job in the best way possible in less than one week through his ceaseless efforts.

Considering the above matter, please instruct, if possible, in your communication with the Ministry of Defence, that his dismissal be reconsidered. Furthermore, the political and ideological organization of this base has also confirmed that no religious propagation has been observed from this individual.

Subject to Your Excellency’s instructions