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Honourable Dr. Ahmadinejad, the president of the sacred land of Iran

With greetings, respect and apology for taking your time; with the help of Almighty God and seeking intercession from the holy realm of mercy for all the people of the world, and inspired by your lofty ideals of spreading love and justice, I, Sohrab Laghaie, son of Laghaollah, as an Iranian citizen, would like to convey that I am 53 years old with three grown youth, who, after receiving their diplomas, proudly and voluntarily completed their sacred military service with full affection for their homeland, and because they were practically deprived of higher education at the university due to being Baha’is, they have tried to learn the art of making eyeglasses in order to earn a living.

After receiving [their] professional technical certificates, they intended to start working in two shops in this guild, which has been the result of the lifetime savings of their parents. Unfortunately, in spite of the good intentions of respected local officials such as Mr. Prosecutor of Qaemshahr and the honourable deputy minister of justice of Mazandaran Province, Major Moradi, the esteemed head of the Public Places Supervision Office of Qaemshahr, under the order of Mr. Haj Mahmoudi, the esteemed head of the Qaemshahr Intelligence Department, has sealed the two shops belonging to me and my wife, which are our only hope and capital for my children’s employment. Major Moradi strongly refused to unseal the shops, for the employment of these two [trustworthy] youth who have done their military service.

By the grace of God, the citizens, merchants and trustees (believers, both men and women) of the city are completely pleased with us and have always bestowed upon us their affection. However, the unkind attitude of the above-mentioned gentleman has caused spiritual and material damage to this family and has caused deep regret to the people. I plead with you, Mr. President, with all your might and deep belief in justice and compassion, to issue any worthy and God-pleasing orders to resolve these problems, to investigate and follow up these oppressions till until the right is realized.

Mazandaran, Qaemshahr [redacted]

Phone [redacted]


With the help of divine confirmation

Sohrab Laghaie