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Islamic Republic of Iran


Islamic Republic Revolutionary Supreme Court


In the Name of God


Date: 6 Bahman 1361 [26 January 1983]

Number: 61/3098 ‘A

Enclosure: ------


Regarding case number 23563/M/42/61 of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Prosecution Office, the court was of the opinion that the accused, Soheil Safaie, son of Ata, who was condemned for dissemination and propagation of the Zionist Baha’ism ungodly objectives and creating deviation of opinions and thoughts of youth and leading them astray, rising [up] against Islam, the Qur’an and Muslims,  should be executed. After having the file sent to the Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court for further review, the result is declared herewith as follows:


According to the documents of the case, the above-mentioned accused has confessed that:

  1. He is a Baha’i and was born into a Baha’i family, and his father had been a member and Secretary of the Isfahan Assembly up to Mordad 1360 [July 1981] (pages 25 and 41).
  2. The accused says, “Up to 1360 [1981/1982], when the clear order was issued [by the government] to stop participating in the Baha’i institutions, I was taking part in some of the institution [activities], but did not have any administrative duties. Sometimes, for short periods, I was acting as a teacher of ethical education of Baha’i children and youth”, (Pages 24, 37 and 39).  (The accused, on this and many other occasions, has lied that he has not had any duties. In 1351 [1972/1973] he was a member of the group number 3 of the Baha’i Youth Committee in the region of Amirabad, Tehran, and in the same year, as a member of the Baha’i Education Committee, he was invited to participate in the consultative meeting of educators, the pertinent documents of which are enclosed in the case).
  3. The accused, from grade seven to twelve, under the guise of [conducting] ethical classes, has been leading the youth astray with the poisonous propagations of this perverse sect and Zionist espionage network (pages 24, 39, 1040 and 42).
  4. A copy of the Holy Qur’an was found in the house of the accused, [in which it is obvious that] some of the verses of this holy Book have been intellectually interpreted and altered, and these alterations have been handwritten and added on pages and placed within the Holy Qur’an. For example, about verse 2 of the Surah As-Sajdeh, A.M., (Or do they say, “He invented it”? Rather, it is the truth from your Lord, [O Muhammad], that you may warn a people[1]), he claims that the Book of Muhammad, the Qur’an, does not have the character to become a universal [holy] book. And in another place he writes, “Muslims, of which the Shias are a group, are polytheists”, and the reason is that according to the verses 30 – 32 of the Surah Ar-Rum (…do not be of those who associate others with Allah.  [Or] of those who have divided their religion and become sects[2]). On the other hand, in Surah At-Tawbah the polytheists are considered as untouchables (…indeed the polytheists are unclean[3]…) and there are tens of other nonsenses and trivialities. On another occasion, he has compared the Qur’an with the [Kitab-i] Aqdas, saying that in the Qur’an, people have time and again been scared of Hell and promises of Heaven, but in the Aqdas there is not even one verse regarding this matter; it mentions (Observe My commandments, for the love of My beauty[4]). Also [he stated that] in the Qur’an, there are many instances of repetition, but there are none in the Aqdas. [Also in the Qur’an] two kinds of humans are identified, “free” and “slaves” and there is not a verse regarding the equality [of humans]. The accused in this regard  says, “I have been participating in some of the classes in which a teacher by the name of Sadeqzadeh compared the Aqdas with the Qur’an, and Mr. Movahhed would explain about the uncertainties; they said write it at the back of [your copy of] the Qur’an, 11[?]”. (Pages 38, 43 and 51).
  5. [He also said,] “We have participated in the summer schools courses, [where we] used to read the principles and origin of the belief of the history of the Faith and Baha’i life, and translate some of the holy Tablets” (page 38). (The accused has stated that the same topics of the summer classes were taught by him in his ethical educational classes to the ignorant and simple youth, page 40).
  6. He has been a participant in the meetings called Ziafat[5] (pages 42, 43, 44) (and these meetings are the meetings which poison the minds against Islam and Muslims, attracting people to Baha’ism under the cover of Feast).
  7. Through his efforts, a book on the life of the Bab has been translated into English and published widely (pages 43 and 50).
  8. The accused has prepared four huge folders with about 2,000 pages as an encyclopaedia of Baha’ism and says these are the notes that he has gathered on different topics from the Baha’i books, from 1355 [1976] up to the present time (page 45).
  9. Many wayward notes of the accused have been recovered, [about which] he says, “My notes, in comparison with [those of] the erudite Tabatabai or the martyr Dr. Motahhari are insignificant; their books have not yet been published” (pages 36, 21 and 45).
  10. The marriage of the accused has not been legal either, as he has married through the Baha’i laws (page 50). (Other than the national identification card, the whole Baha’i organization runs independent statistics, and an intelligence department called “Covenant Committee” and other committees, which all act like departments; in fact, it is [like] a government within the Islamic government). In respect to the mentioned matters and the rest of the contents of the case and recovered documents, the accused is one of the examples of a “militant infidel” and fights against Islam and Muslims, and he is one of the most hard-line enemies of the Qur’an and the religion [of Islam], and with the grace of Article 13 of the Constitution regarding non-recognition of Baha’ism and curtailing any activity, his execution (and confiscation of the totality of his properties, which has not been mentioned in the court judgment) is considered to be in accordance with the justice standards.



  1. A number of high ranking Baha’is, whose names are mentioned in the case, especially 1. Sadeqzadeh[6], 2. Movahhed[7], 3. Ata Safai, the father of the accused, a retired functionary of the Justice Administration, 11[?] must be arrested and be prosecuted. Before anything else, giving the pertinent information to the authorities, [they should be] prevented from receiving their retirement [pensions].
  2. The totality of the enclosed documents and records of the case will be kept as useful references for the Islamic Revolutionary Supreme Court.


[Signature] 20 Bahman 1361 [9 February 1983]

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In the Name of God

By way of this decision, Mr. Soheil Safaie, son of Ata [having committed] the crime of fighting against Islam, is sentenced to death, and his possessions, except for [what is required for] a normal life for his family, will be confiscated. The above decision is final.



7 Farvardin 1362 [27 March 1983]





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[5] [19 days Feast]

[6] [Mr. Kambiz Sadeqzadeh was executed on 21 August 1980, nearly three years prior to this decision]

[7] [Mr. Mohammad Movahed was abducted and presumed dead on 24 May 1979, nearly four years prior to this decision]