Soheil Safaie

Born: 21 February 1949, Abadeh, Fars

Executed in Tehran on 1 May 1983


Soheil Safaie was born into a Baha’i family.  At the age of 9 his family moved to Isfahan where he completed his primary and high school education and also studied art and music.  He then undertook military service and later entered the College of Literature at Tehran University.  After graduating he was employed as a manager of a Baha’i owned soft drink manufacturing plant called Zamzam in Isfahan.  However, following the commencement of the Islamic Revolution the company was confiscated by the authorities and he was dismissed from his job for his adherence to the Faith.

He was arrested on 3 October 1982.  He was first held at the detention centre in Isfahan where he was interrogated and tortured severely.  He was then transferred to Qasr prison and on 12 April 1983 to Evin prison.  Some 20 days later, on the evening of 1 May 1983 he was executed together with Jalal Hakiman.  Their bodies were not returned to their families; they were possibly buried by the authorities. Their families learned of their execution ten days later, and after an exhaustive search were able to discover the location of their resting place.



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