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Islamic Republic Of Iran


And that nothing shall be reckoned to a man but that for which he hath made efforts [1]


City Supervisory Commission:  Rafsanjan

Trade Union:  Electrical and Household Appliance Repair


[Picture of the Permit Holder]


License Number:  [redacted]

Date of Issue:  25/5/1386 [16 August 2007]

Number of the Trading Unit:  16

Rank of the Trading Unit:-----


Statistical Information:

Serial Number:  New 2349620 / Old 2-020371

Province Code:  16

City Code:  610          


Business License        


Type of Business:


Technical Service:      




To Mr/Mrs.:  Soheil      Surname:  Mowhebati  Father’s Name:  Mohammd-Ali                       Birth Certificate: Number:  [redacted] Date of Birth:  [redacted], Issued in [redacted]

permission is given to establish a store, according to the rules of the Trade Union, relevant Regulations, and Agreement Letter number   202     Dated 13/2/76   [2 May 2000], and the Supervisory Commission of the City of Rafsanjan,            Avenue-----, Street-----, Number----- registered [plot]-----/water -----Trade Unit: electrical appliance repair    In the field of:  Wiring.


This Permit is valid for five years form the date of issue.


Signature and seal of the President of the Trade Union

Ali Zarandi






[1] [Quran53:40]