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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Resalat

[Date:] Wednesday, 19 Azar 1365 - 8 Rabi ‘ath -Thani 1407 - 10 December 1986

[Issue No:] 266

[Pages:] 1 & 2


The protest of the Society of Clerical Teachers of Qom[1] to the Indian government and condemnation of the actions of the Baha’is

The Society of Clerical Teachers of Qom calls on the government of India to block the mysterious activities of the Baha’i sect and the insult to Islam and the Muslims.

Qom - Central News Agency: Following the printing of an insulting article about the holy station of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), by one of the English journals of India, and the massive protest demonstrations of the Muslims in that country, a notice was published by the Society of Clerical Teachers of Qom about this hideous act.

According to the Central News Agency of Qom, this statement says: “The world of blasphemy and arrogance, which has always received deadly blows from Islam and Muslims, long ago started its savage and extensive assaults through cowardly attacks on this liberating school [Islam], and by resorting to coercion and violence on various cultural and political fronts, has targeted Islam and the Muslims. In this regard, they have not fallen short of even insulting the Muslims’ sanctities, and creating so-called religious sects and denominations, which, in fact, have followed their master’s orders and have walked in their aggressive footsteps. One out of dozens of these examples is the invention and formation of the detested and apostate sect of Baha’i.”

According to the reports, this Tsarist Russian-created and developed cult [the Baha’i Faith]—the constituents and followers of which have always, since its inception, been fed by the foreigners—has recently started useless efforts that perhaps, by their disillusioned and wishful thinking during these moments of their disgraceful existence, may rescue their vanishing and dependant institutions from destruction, not only in Israel or in the United States of America, but, unfortunately, in the centre of India, by setting up a temple that is called the Lotus Temple, which was founded by the Zionists and the foreigners. They have caused the preoccupation of the Muslims of the world, particularly, the heroic people of Iran. It was not long after the announcement of such activities that it was heard that one of the Indian unworthy papers had insulted the great Prophet Mohammad-e Mostafa (PBUH). This apparent invasion of the sanctity of the Muslims’ holy figures is related to the activities of the supporters and followers of this apostate sect.

In another part of this announcement, it was stated that, “The Society of Clerical Teachers of  Qom would remind [everyone] that the emergence of the Baha’i sect in Iran has been [accompanied by] treason, espionage, crime and bloodshed since its outset. We announce our disgust at any kind of support shown to them by any country and government, and demand that the friendly government and nation of India not allow the opening of this temple in their country, and [that it] build a bridge from Haifa into occupied Palestine, to New Delhi, so that the occupiers of Qods who are angry at the diplomatic breakdown between the Indian government and the Israeli usurper, will find this bridge a new way of entering into the gates of India and entertain the illusion of the separation of India from the Islamic countries.

“In conclusion, we strongly urge the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to express its firm position to the government and authorities of India in a diplomatic manner, and echo to the authorities of that country the expression of the deep concern of the Muslim community of Iran and other Muslims of the world about such mysterious moves of the foreign agents in India, which, if continued, will result in  the blurring of relations between the two countries.”