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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:] Monday 14 Shahrivar 1362 – 27 Dhu l-Qa'da 1403 – 5 September 1983

[Issue No.:] 1041

[Page:] 2


Law Practice Permit [Advocacy Permit]

The law practice permits of several judiciary lawyers were cancelled due to their participation in the secret plans of the hellish CIA organization. In this regard, the following announcement was published by the public prosecutor of the Islamic Revolutionary Court,

In the Name of God

The Central Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice was convened on 8 Shahrivar [30 August] to review the request of the honourable Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of the Centre regarding the cancellation of the law practice permits and prohibition of practices of a number of the Zionist elements affiliated with the foreign party of Baha’ism; following the review of the content of the case, it made the following decision.

Following the accretion of membership of the individuals mentioned below to the administrative rank of the aforementioned party [Baha’ism], and considering that:

  1. The aforementioned administration, prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, as the representative of the global corruptors, diligently and with utmost power has attempted to create cultural, political and economic corruption and was the principal supporter and element of the wretched Pahlavi regime—to the extent that the documents found [in the possession of] the overthrown shah, [and which] show that he had chosen from amongst their leaders [Baha’is] as his confidants and closest advisors and even in his absence, based on the official hand-written documents obtained from this traitor—has delegated the responsibility of taking the highest decisions on its behalf to its Baha’i commander in chief; [and]
  2. This foreign-created administration, by ransacking the country’s economy, and through the credit support of the occupied government of Palestine, in collaboration with the wretched Pahlavi regime, like a destructive cancer, destroyed the economy of the Muslim government and escalated the  propagation of Western culture, and particularly promoted wrong-doings [prostitution]; [and]
  3. Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution, this anti-humanitarian network, secretly and insidiously implemented the secret plans of the hellish CIA organization—for instance, it attempted diligently and accordingly to create and disseminate fabricated rumours of the Zionist psychologists and sociologists and simultaneously, as much as it was in its power, attempted to create anxiety and pessimism amongst the people against the regime of the Islamic Republic on the streets, alleys and the means of public transport and vehicles, seductively, and with sympathetic appearance; [and]
  4. By the order of its administration, the elements of this party, according to their own confessions, have taken every measure, even hoarding the people’s necessities, and intended to weaken and overthrow the Islamic Republic during the war; [and]
  5. The close collaboration of this alien organization was so precious for their masters that, following the arrest of a few of their leaders, Reagan—this head of the plunderers and modern criminals of the twentieth century who has been ruling the destinies of the American people—has risen in their support and the mass media of the global arrogant [powers] has created such an uproar in the world, that such sensitivity or sympathy was seldom shown towards any of their servants; therefore: 

the Court has agreed with the request of the Central Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution regarding the cancelation of the permit of law practices of a few members of this network, and hereby compels [Iran’s] Bar Association to cancel their law practice permits, and announces that they are prohibited from practicing within all [judicial] organs of the Islamic Republic. Also, as a religious duty, the Court commands the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution and all the relevant judicial authorities, not to allow these corrupt roots and American tail [connections] to continue their malice. The names of the above-mentioned lawyers are as follows:

1- Gholam-Hosein Azami, son of Kouchak; 2- Fariborz Amjadi; 3- Momtaz Esmailzadegan; 4- Nosratollah Ifa’ie; 5- Ramatollah Aghazadeh; 6- Ahmad Badi’i; 7- Fereidoun Boroumand; 8- Faezeh Towfigh; 9- Seyyed Mehdi Javid; 10- Manouchehr Haghighi; 11- Abbas Janatian; 12-Farhang Haghighatjou; 13- Iraj Khademi Araghi; 14- Hedayat Rahimi; 15- Vahdat Saadat; 16- Badiollah Farid; 17- Manuchehr Ghaemmaghami; 18- Habibollah Ghods Jourabchi; 19- Javad Ghouchani; 20- Abol-Ghasem Ghods; 21- Abbas Kashef; 22- Siamak Kosari; 23- Ahmad Kasaian; 24- Habibollah Golshani; 25- Valiollah Mahab; 26- Siavash Moayed; 27- Reza Moayed Ghiasi; 28- Azizollah Mamdouhi; 29- Sirous Meshki; 30- Bahram Yari; 31- Mozaffar Yousefian; 32- Bijan Shahriari Zawareh.

Central Office of Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution