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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:] 8/3/1362, 16 Sha‘ban 1403- [29 May 1983]

[Issue No:] 561


The Country’s Government and Army Officials Met with the Great Leader


Imam:  Criticism is different from conspiracy; criticism can be constructive action, however, we are opposing the plots against and debilitation of the Islamic Republic

…You may have heard the statement made by the president of the United States, who appealed to the whole world in favour of the Baha’is in Iran. He said that these Baha’is are wronged ones; they are not spies and do nothing but pursue their religion. He said that Iran has condemned 22 of them to death merely because they are following their religious beliefs. They (the president continued) are not spies and do not participate in any other work, and the president (sends this appeal) because of his love for humanity. If he (the president) did not say this, some naive people might think that these people [Baha’is] were those who were occupied with themselves and were busy in their so-called prayers. But they have not been like this.  After Mr. Reagan has borne witness to the fact that these people (Baha’is) do nothing but follow their religion, who can now believe that they are like what he said they are?

When the (members of) the Tudeh Party[1] are imprisoned, the Soviet Union raises her voice, crying that a number of innocent people who have agreed with and even supported, and still support, the Islamic Republic are imprisoned by the Iranian government without any justification. On the other hand, Mr. Reagan says that the poor Baha’is, who are such a quiet and gentle people and worship according to their own religion, are imprisoned because their beliefs are different than the beliefs of the Iranian government. If these people [Baha’is] had not been spies, you [Mr. Reagan] would not have raised your voice. You did because these people are those who are working for your interests.

We know [the United States of] America. She [United States] is not in love with human rights. Now that 22 Baha’is in Iran have been arrested, Mr. Reagan, moved by his love for humanity, cries out and appeals to the whole world to come to their rescue. People know you well. You are the one who induced Iraq to commit every day in our countries and in their [country] as well, crimes which have not been committed by the Mongols. Iraq has imprisoned some of the great [Islamic] religious jurists like Ayatollah Aqa Seyyed Yusuf, whom I know to be an upright and honest man. They imprisoned him with a number of children and his family members. If you [Mr. Reagan] were moved by your love for humanity, you would do well to say a word or two to blame [Iraq] for such acts.

Have you (Mr. Reagan) seen what these people, the Baha’is, have done? Had you studied their files, when you made the statement, or [do] you despise [reading the files]? If we had no other proof that these Baha’is are the spies of America, Reagan’s statement would be enough [proof]. Similarly, the Tudeh Party is a spy for the Soviet Union; the Soviet’s support of them is sufficient evidence. We tell you, however, that neither are the members of the Tudeh Party [being prosecuted] because they are members of this Party, nor are the Baha’is because of their being Baha’is. Our courts have judged and condemned them to imprisonment. They have cases. Members of the Tudeh Party have come forward and confessed. These (Baha’is) likewise have cases.

Baha’i is not a religion. It is a party which was supported previously by the British, and now by the United States. They are spies like them [the Tudeh party]. If they are not spies [they will not be bothered].  There are people who are not spies, such as many people with misguided beliefs, such as being communist or other similar [beliefs], however, our courts do not arrest and imprison them because of their misguided belief or being communist.  [Members of] the Tudeh Party [were free] as long as they did not invent a plot. They have been under surveillance, and as soon as their plot was about to materialize, our dear [Revolutionary] guards arrested them and, in time, will punish them.

The question is that you, Mr. Reagan, are their supporter and the other man in the Soviet Union is the Tudehs’ supporter. This in itself is proof that they [Baha’is] are in a special position. The Baha’is are beneficial to the [United States] and vice versa. What benefit can they [Baha’is] have except to send our news to them (America), and commit espionage between the Iranian nation and government for the benefit of the [United States]?

These are the difficulties that our country is having with the super powers and with these misguided people.  On the other hand, we have some evil people, who are either the agents of the [United States], or they do it unknowingly, or they do it because they hate the Islamic Republic and want something else [for this nation]…


Peace and the benevolence of God be upon you




[1] [The Tudeh Party of Iran is an Iranian communist party.]