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Department of Justice - Islamic Republic of Iran

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In the Name of God

Date 3 Aban 1368 [25 October 1989]

File Record 447/68/1

Court Order Number: 1017

Administered by:  Branch 1 of Court of Administrative of Justice

Plaintiff: Mr. Siyavash Moghaddam, son of Seifollah, resident of Isfahan - [redacted]

Respondent: National Iranian Oil Company - Retirement Office

Subject of Complaint: Objection to termination of pension payment issued by Restructuring Committee, verdict number 565 – [dated] 27 Tir 1361 [18 July 1982]

Procedural synopsis: The complainant filed a petition on 27 Khordad 1368 [17 June 1989] to the Court of Justice; the petition was sent to this Branch after registration.  [Branch 1] of the Court of Administrative Justice was convened on the above date for investigation [illegible], and having reviewed and considered the contents of the case file and the advisory opinion of Mr. Mir-Khani, the tribunal consultant, it concluded the hearing and rendered the following decision.

Court Verdict

Regarding case file number 447/68/1, Subject of complaint: Objection to the verdict by the Restructuring Committee of the National Iranian Oil Company - Retirement Office. In light of the description in the petition and the contents of the case file, as stipulated in Addendum 2 of Article 28 of the Laws of the Boards for Investigation of Administrative Offences, those employees whose convictions were finalized by the Cleansing and Restructuring of Human Resources Committees and whose appeals had not been submitted before 2 Mehr 1365 [24 September 1986], are no longer entitled to appeal; and since the plaintiff submitted the complaint on 27 Khordad 1368 [17 June 1989], which is past the deadline set out in the aforementioned addendum of 2 Mehr 1365 [24 September 1986], he no longer had the right to file an appeal. Therefore, the plaintiff’s appeal is not subject to consideration by the Court, and the decision to reject it is issued and hereby announced.

Eshraghi - Chief Justice:  Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice

[Stamp] Certified Copy, Office Manager of Branch 1