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Islamic Republic of Iran

State Forest and Rangelands Organization

Head Office of Forestry, Fars Province

In the Name of God

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Post Box 355


Minutes re change of use and provision of national land for creation of a cemetery

In legal procedure number 27865 dated 21/6/1362 [12 September 1983] the Head of Forestry for Fars Province, and based on the licence dated 6/6/1362  [28 August 1983], Paragraph 32, which regulates of the manner whereby lands transfers in the Islamic Republic of Iran are to be reinstated, and Agreement number 5608 - 25/5/1362 [16 August 1983], the seven member Committee that oversees land transfers within Fars Province and Bushehr, handed over to Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundation of Fars Province a parcel of national lands comprising nine thousand and seven hundred and fifty (9750) square meters, number [redacted], known as Dah-Shaykh with the following conditions:

1- Northwards length of 100 square meters, eastwards length 750 square meters

Southwards length 100 square meters, westwards length 120 square meters

Receiver - Transferee

Mohammad Hosein Bakhtiyari, representative of the company [illegible] affiliated with Bonyad e-Mostazafan Foundationas cited on licence number [redacted] [date] 22/6/1362 [13 September 1983] Board of Trustees, joint stock company

[signature over official stamp]

Delivered by:

Mohsen Yazdani, Head Forester of Kouhmard Siyakh


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