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Bonyad-e Shahid

Division of Expropriated Assets

In the Name of God, the Exalted

‘If it becomes clear that some people in some offices or ministries cause trouble in the execution of the affairs of the martyrs of the revolution and their families, they shall be prosecuted as anti-revolutionaries.’ –Imam Khomeini


Date: 3 Shahrivar 1361 [25 August 1982]

Number: GH/35/12773

Enclosure: -----



Islamic Republic of Iran

Mrs. Parvin Sheikholeslami and children, Shiva, Samandar, Shohreh Roshani Oskouie, legal heirs of Dr. Sirous Rowshani [Oskouie]

According to the decision number 25226/DGAM, dated 17 Dey 1360 [7 January 1982], further to court order number 20/24350, dated 18 Mordad 1361 [8 August 1981], of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in the Central [Province], one regular mid-size residential home, located at [address], with furniture, is to be transferred to the legal heirs. As per the attached inventory of items, the house is hereby transferred to you. Furthermore, any monies owed on the apartment shall be the responsibility of the heirs, and from the date of this letter they can receive rent from the property.

With gratitude – Division of Expropriated Assets 

Bonyad-e Shahid of the Islamic Revolution

[Official stamp] Bonyad-e Shahid—Division of Expropriated Assets