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Number: 136

Date: 24/8/1358 [15 November 1979]

No enclosure


Ministry of Education

Head Office of the Department of Education, West Azerbaijan

Rezaeyeh Elementary Girls’ College



Mr. Naghd-Ali Rasouli, guardian of Miss Simin Rasouli, student of Urmia Girls Elementary College:  In reply to your letter dated 24/8/1358 [15 November 1979], and letter number 27845/8, [dated] 22/8/1358 [13 November 1979] from the Department of Education, [because] a student of teacher training in the Teacher Training Centres should be a believer in [one of] the religions of the country that are officially recognised under the Constitution, and as Miss Simin Rasouli is a Baha’i, as stated in her written admission, she is therefore expelled per the above letter. You are requested to make arrangements for the receipt of all her documents.

Principal of Rezaeyeh Elementary Girls’ College - Zahra Zargarzadeh

[signature over official stamp]

Rezaeyeh Girls  Teacher Training Centre

24/8/1358 [15 November 1979]