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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Shia Online

[Date:] 13 Bahman 1387 [1 February 2009]


Performed by the “Nasim-e Baha” group

Beating One of the Eulogists of the Holy Family (PBUT)!

Informed sources reported that Mohsen Faizi, an adulator of the Holy Family, who are the upholders of purity and chastity (PBUH), was abducted late last week by a number of individuals who introduced themselves as the Nasim-e Baha group, and after they had beaten him, they released him earlier this week.

In this regard, the Shia Online news site, during a telephone conversation with his brother, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Faizi, with the aim of following up this [story], asked for an explanation, to which he replied,

“Last Wednesday night, a number of unknown people, who had previously contacted my brother Mohsen Faizi, and had invited him to a eulogy seminar, picked him up in a car, but apparently after he got in, they covered his face with a bag and kidnapped him. In a phone call to me and my father, they introduced themselves as the Nasim-e Baha group. It seems that this a branch of the Baha’is....”

Mohammad Faizi also said, “On Saturday morning, while my brother was covered with blood from head to toe, with his clothes torn, he was left in the Chizar neighbourhood of Tehran in front of our father’s house. We are now pursuing the matter and have registered all his wounds with the forensic doctor.”

Mohsen Faizi’s’ brother continued, “We have a bit of a complaint about the police because they did not cooperate with us much from the first day of this incident and did not take any effective action....”

In the end, Mohammad Faizi added, “We do not accuse any group or party, but in my opinion, it is unlikely that it is the work of the Baha’is, because in that case, they would not introduce themselves in any way.”