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[Adapted from website:] Shia News Agency

[Date:] 17 Aban 1391 [7 November 2012]


Efforts by Secular and Baha’i Elements to Remove the Names of Shiite Intellectuals From Wikipedia

According to the Shia News correspondent, on the page of the late Professor Abol-Hasani (Monzer) on Wikipedia, an article was recently published that shows that the opponents of Shiite and Iranian culture have taken a coordinated step to remove the name of this late erudite from this social portal and global encyclopaedia.

Needless to say, these people are trying to remove his name by referring to the mentioned site, requesting that his name be deleted on the [basis of the] false accusation that he is not a cultural and scientific figure.

It is worth mentioning that the late Abol-Hasani (Monzer), was born in 1334 [1955] and died in 1390 [2011]. In his short life, and with his blessing, he has left more than one hundred articles and 50 books on the topics of rituals, contemporary history and constitutionalism, and most importantly, his rejection of secular thinking and heretical sects.

Further to ruining the images of educated Shiite figures, a similar request has been made to remove the name of Dr. Mousa Najafi, a committed historian and writer. Meanwhile, Dr. Najafi has also published works criticizing secularism and the perverse Baha’ism.