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The Office of Governor General of the Ninth Province


[Number:] 109

[Date:] 27 Mordad 1323 [18 August 1944]


Ministry of the Interior,

Decoded telegram to the Ministry of the Interior


392[?]. The statements from different parts of the country concerning news of insecurity and unpleasant incidents are also received here, and naturally they have their negative impact. Given that there are some corrupt individuals in every area who are wont to take advantage of the opportunities, it was necessary to consider appropriate measures for any unforeseen actions before such events took place—especially to study the state of the police in all areas—[in order to avoid situations like] the Mashhad Police Force [incident ?], which became grounds for a conspiracy to advance personal interests and motives [of individuals], and which was resolved after much correspondence and many arguments and [eventually] appeared normal[1]. However, some time ago in Gonabad, Ferdows and Bojnourd of Khorasan, some brief movement arose under a religious pretext, but it was stopped immediately and the perpetrators and agitators were prosecuted. It is hoped that with the preventive measures taken, there will not be any future occurrences. In this type of incident, the law enforcement forces such as the police, Gendarmerie and army will follow the orders of the Governorate General, and it should not be otherwise.  [All other areas] should be instructed to act like this.


Nevertheless, you inquired about our opinion on the enforcement of the official orders of cabinet, while taking into account the conditions of the locality. It seems that it would be necessary to give permission and liberty to the officers, so that whenever there is any incitement, whatever the cause, whoever threatens the safety and becomes the reason for the trembling of the [foundation of] general order, the [officers should] take immediate action and prosecute and exile the offender. The public prosecutors should also cooperate and collaborate without any hesitation in this matter. About those individuals who have recently caused insurgency in some areas, and have committed murders, the government should ask for their harsh punishment and explicitly publish the result by reference to the details of each case.

[Number:] 109, 27 Mordad 1323 [18 August 1944]






[1] [The letter vaguely refers to events which are known to the parties only]