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Tuesday, 6 Bahman 1366 [26 January 1988]

In the Name of God


Head of the Imam’s Parole Board

Subject – The imprisonment of [Mrs.] Molouk Khadem, daughter of Mosa, Evin, office 216, lounge 3, room 107.


I would cordially convey that I am Shamsi Khadem, 91 years old, mother of Molouk Khadem, who is my only care-giver and has been imprisoned since 2 Mordad 1362 [24 July 1983]. Now that Imam Khomeini has announced the Amnesty Act for all the prisoners, I take this opportunity to earnestly request the deputy leader, Ayatollah Montazeri, to look into the records of my daughter, the above mentioned person, and by releasing her, during these last days of my life, illumine my eyes by [granting me] a glance at her face again. I pray that the pure and holy souls of the saints and righteous ones will grant you a prolonged life.


Shamsi Khadem


Address - Tehran [Address]


Address: Qom, Old Isfahan Road, Technical College of Education and Judiciary - The Head Office, Imam’s Parole Board