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16 Azar 1364 [7 December 1985]


In the Name of God


Hojjatol-Islam Mr. Rafsanjani, the speaker of the Consultative Council of Islamic Republic of Iran

According to your sermon at the Friday prayers on 15 Azar 1365 [6 December 1985] on the subject of the “station of women”, with reference to the Quran, it was said about 1,400 years ago that females who reach the age of maturity will be independent.  [As a result, I], Shamsi Khadem, an 89-year-old woman, was inspired to make the following request:

[I am] requesting your kind and just action, as the speaker of the Friday prayers, to attend to the case and free my 67-year-old daughter, Molouk Khadem, the daughter of Mousa, who has been in Gohardasht Prison since 2 Mordad 1362 [13 August 1983], to make me happy at the final stages of my life; also, my blessings and prayers be upon you.

Humble servant, Shamsi Khadem

[Address] [redacted]