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Date: 27 Ordibehesht 1364 [17 May 1985]

Number: -----------


1 - Mr. Marvi – National Inspection Organisation - Number 2 Sepahbod Gharahnay Street

2 – Ayatollah Ghazi – Ministry of Justice – Fourth floor - Davar Street


In the Name of God

Following my previous contacts, I would like to gratefully and respectfully, bring to your attention that; I am 88 years old Shamsi Khadem, that my daughter Molouk Khadem, who has been imprisoned with no valid reason since 2 Mordad 1362[24 July 1983] and that her records reflects in Evin [Prison]. Subsequently she is being sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. This weak and old [woman] has no other choice but to obey the law.  But since my 67 years old daughter is suffering from cataracts, I humbly request you that; she be permitted to receive medical treatment in the hospital, under the security guard’s and after recovery  go back to the prison to complete her sentence.  With your God-pleasing act and kindness my conscience at the end of my life can be relieved.

Looking forward to hear from you favourably

Helpless old mother Shamsi Khadem

Address- Tehran [redacted]