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[Personal information has been redacted.]


16 Mordad 1362 [7 August 1983]

Kh/A Tehran


In His Exalted Name

The Honourable Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran

This is to submit to your attention that I, the undersigned, Shamsi Khadem, 86 years-old, resident of [redacted], lived with my two daughters. At 2:00 in the morning on Sunday 2 Mordad 1362 [24 July 1983], an armed group raided the house and took away my older daughter, Molouk Khadem, as well as some of her belongings, including her car keys. On Monday 3 Mordad 1362 [25 July 1983], they removed her car from the residents’ parking spot number 12 without our knowledge. Despite repeated inquiry at the police stations, [Islamic Revolutionary] Committee and Evin Prison, as well as other prisons, no one was willing or able to provide any information.   

I leave the judgement to your honourable self, whether it is acceptable in an Islamic Republic country to enter the home of 3 defenceless women at 2 a.m. and perpetrate such improper acts. I plead with you to order that my daughter is return to me. Otherwise, take me to her, as I am old and frail and cannot bear being away from her. I plead to your compassion and ask for your assistance.

Elderly and bereaved mother,

Shamsi Khadem

[Official stamp with number and date]

The action unit [illegible]

Number: 7751

Date: 27 Mordad 1362 [18 August 1983]

[Address] Tehran [redacted]