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[Personal information has been redacted.]


4 Dey 1365 [25 December 1986]


Distinguished Mr. Maysam [the prison warden]

Your kind personality made me, Shamsi Khadem, a 90-year-old woman, [wish] to earnestly bring to your attention [the fact] that my 68-year-old daughter, Molouk Khadem, the daughter of Mousa, has been in prison for the past 42 months. At the moment, she is at Evin [Prison], office 216, section 4, upper room [number] 2. At this old age, and in the final stages of my life, she has been my only reliable assistant. Therefore, I humbly request [you to arrange for] her case to be attended to, and with her freedom you may bring joy and happiness to me.

Requesting that the souls of the pure and sanctified believers may assist you.

Humble servant, Shamsi Khadem