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Decision -----


A meeting was held on Tuesday, 24 Ordibehesht 1364 [14 May 1985] in the presence of two principal members and one alternate member of the Board of Employment Arbitration of the [Office of] Education of Fars [Province], to review the allegations against Mrs. Shahla Khajeh-Taheri; [birth certificate number] [redacted]; daughter of Abol-Ghasem; personnel number [redacted]; group 5, class 4 of the organizational unit [illegible] of the Education [Office] of Marvdasht; employment commencement date 17 [illegible]; current status: absent.

Procedural Synopsis:  According to letter number 152/M - [dated] 17 Tir 1363 [8 July 1984], from the Education [Office] of Marvdasht County, Primary [Board] of Employment Arbitration, the above-named was accused of membership in the perverse Baha’i sect.

The above-named was then invited by the office of [illegible] on [illegible] Dey 1363 [December 1984-January 1985] for an in-person interview and was asked to denounce the perverse sect in writing. The above-named stated that she would [not] provide a written denunciation, and from that date on she did not report to work. This information was reported to the head office, and the file was considered by the Board, which, subsequent to reviewing file documents, issued a decision as follows:

Charge: Absence of over two months, and allegation of Baha’ism

Evidence: File records that corroborate the charges.

Decision of the Board: Considering the above-noted facts, and subsequent to a review of the file records, the charge against the accused (subject to paragraph 19 of Article 9 of the Administrative Offenses Act), has been proven and [is] unanimously [considered] enforceable by this Board,  pursuant to Article 18 of the Act.


Head of the Primary Board [illegible]