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In the Name of God

Verdict number 186, dated 11/10/1361 [1 January 1983]

Administered by: The Primary Division of the Human Resources Restructuring Office, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Agency

Allegation: Connection to Perverse Sect


Proceedings: The file containing accusations against Mrs. Shahin Last Name: Vafaie

Daughter of Mohamed Taghi, Born in 1320 [1941]; Birth certificate number [redacted]; Issued in Mashhad, Position: Administrative Supervisor

Record of service: 11 years;   Location: [illegible], Employment number: [redacted]; Education: Bachelor of Science in Administrative Science; single/married; was heard by the Board. In its meeting on 11/10/1361 [1 January 1983], the Board considered the evidence presented and declares its verdict as follows:



According to and in light of circumstances surrounding the case and the existing evidence on file, it is the opinion of the Board that the allegations against the accused are proven and her offense is:

1- Membership in the perverse Baha'i sect, Paragraph 8 Section 29 of the Restructuring of Human Resources Act governing ministerial and governmental institutions and affiliated agencies, ratified on 5/7/1360 [27 September 1981], with reference to Section 11 Article 10 of said Act. [She] is [therefore] condemned to permanent expulsion from governmental services and affiliated government institutions.

Primary Board of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Broadcasting Section

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