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[Adapted from website:] Aviny

[Date:] 16 Tir 1391 [6 July 2012]


A Talk About Knowing Baha’i Belief

In a two-hour interview with Mr. Seyyed Kazem Mousavi, president of the Roshangar Studies Institute and editor-in-chief of Shafafiyat Journal, the first specialized publication to support sect victims in Iran, we examine the history, cognition and issues surrounding the perverse Baha’i sect in various areas of Iranian society. Recognition of Baha’ism as one of the religious sects makes the discussion more necessary because this Zionist belief is aimed at undermining the most important and key concepts of the Shia Muslim community, such as the Promised Expectation, Seal of the Prophets, Prophethood, and Resurrection.

Why is this sect rejected by Islamic society, why should the activities of this sect be dealt with seriously, and why is this view of this group illegal?

According to the explicit text of the Quran, we are not allowed to go to one’s beliefs and fight against them. Now, why, among all these beliefs, is Baha’ism rejected? The reason goes back to the beliefs and ideas that this organization has.

Since this organization is fabricated by the colonial countries, especially global Zionism, and their beliefs threaten both the national identity and the national security of the countries, it must be fought.

In any country, whether it is the Islamic Republic or the Arab countries, or even outside the Islamic world, this organization is completely against the national security of that country.

What is the meaning of the anti-national security and national identity you are talking about?

The Baha’i organization, in its twelve principles, has a principle called cosmopolitanism. Now, according to this principle, what happens when they do not accept the mother country and their attention is on a world outside the mother country? Is this not destroying the national identity? They are basically spies, because they are the pressure elements of the Western countries, especially the Zionists; hence they spy for them.

So these are called spies by nature; that is why the Muslim community rejects them.

What word can be used for Baha’ism: Baha’i religious sect, Baha’i political sect, Baha’i religion, Baha’i belief, Baha’i school or ... that makes the general structure of Baha’ism understandable in this word?

Baha’ism is a political sect, and because it is sectarian, it is a political sect. The Baha’i movement from the period claimed by Ali Muhammad the Bab and Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri, the founders of the Baha’i movement, until the end of Abdu’l-Baha’s period, was a sect. It is after the death of Abdu’l-Baha, in the Shoghi period that this sect changes state and changes from sect to cult. This belief could be placed neither in a religious group nor in anything else. It is a political belief that has all the characteristics of a cult. From the words “enriching” to how to “brainwash” and then keeping the members within the cult, and create a distance between the individual and the past of the individual and his friends and relatives, everything that happens within a cult happens exactly in the Baha’i sect. It proves that Baha’ism is a belief and nothing else can be applied to it.