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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Legal Notice

Mr Shahaboddin Mazloumi [redacted], in accordance with order number 15205 – [dated] 27 Dey 1359 [17 January 1981] issued by the Human Resources Main Office of ---, your employment in --- was terminated on 31 Shahrivar 1359 [22 September 1980]. Therefore, according to [illegible] by law governing the leasing of company-owned houses of the Steel Production Plant, you may stay at the aforementioned house only until 20 Bahman 1359 [9 February 1981]. You are required to attend the Housing Office at the Operations Unit of Pouladshahr for termination of your contract and take steps to vacate the house by the above-mentioned date.

Clearly, should you ignore this notice that would be considered a breach of regulations and under the authority granted by authorised officials, the necessary legal action will be taken  In addition, after this authorised deadline, the rent will be increased by 25% of the original rate and charged and collected from you. /S

On behalf of the Operations Unit, Pouladshahr


Copy to:

  1. Security Office of Pouladshahr, together with the original Legal Notice for issuance to Mr Shahaboddin Mazloumi
  2. Legal Affairs for information and subsequent actions
  3. Revenue office
  4. Housing Office
  5. Cooperation Council of the area
  6. Public Archives

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14 Aban 1359 [5 November 1980]


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11 Bahman 1359 [31 January 1981]