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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Shahab- The political morning newspaper of Tehran

[Date:] 10 Bahman 1357 [30 January 1979]

[Number:] Third

Price: 15 rial


Statement of Abbas Effendi Has Fallen into Our Hands after 80 Years.  Baha’ism Is Not a Religion.

Finally, after many years, the true colours of the Baha’i sect have been revealed through the discovery of a reliable document written by Abbas Effendi.  This document, which was uncovered by Shahab for the first time, is in reality the manifesto and mission statement of Baha’ism.  In a few pages of this document from 79 years ago, Abbas Effendi emphasizes that Baha’ism is a “progressive party”.  This will put an end to the empty claims of some orthodox people of this sect who consider it to be a religious movement, and put a stop to their efforts to deceive the faithless, uncultured, and ignorant.

[In the margin of the newspaper]

Savak in Israel!

The weekly newsletter, Ruz al-Yousef, alongside a report about the events in Iran, writes that a large number of top-ranking military and police officers, who are accused of torturing the Iranian people, have sought asylum in Israel.

This report states that most of the members of Savak, the Iranian secret police, are Baha’is, and their main Temple [Shrine] is located in Israel.