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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 17 Khordad 1326 [8 June 1947]

Number: M/2907 S/2899

Attachment: Yes


When responding to the letter please include the letters and slashes that are part of the number along with those numbers



Ministry of the Interior

Office: Political Section

Area: ------



The Honourable Prime Minister,

The copy of report number 727 - 28 Ordibehesht 1326 [19 May 1947] from the Arak Governor’s Office is hereby submitted for your information. I request that you please inform me of your decision about changing the place of employment for the engineer Shahab Alaie, the head of the Shazand Sugar Factory.

Deputy Minister of the Interior


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the letter:] It will be conveyed.

Bring to the attention of the Bank of Industry and Mines


17 Khordad 1326 [8 June 1947]