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Ministry of War,

Joint Staff of the Armed Forces,

Division 2, Branch 2,

Dated: 25/2/20 [15 May 1941],

Number: 14437/5/4199


Confidential and Coded messages


Honourable Prime Minister


The 6th Legion of the Khuzestan Army had submitted a report (regarding the Baha’is in Korramabad, who hold meetings) that was presented to His Royal Majesty.  In accordance with His Royal command, a copy of the report from the above-mentioned Legion, together with its enclosures, are herewith sent to you for your attention and appropriate action. You are instructed to arrange for the results of the actions undertaken in this matter to be reported to the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces.

Joint Staff of the Armed Forces,


Major-General Zarghami,



[Handwritten Note:] Office of Confidential and Coded messages, Number 28-281, 02/1320 [April - May 1941]