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Ministry of Education

[Decision number:] 111/h/20


In the Name of God


Appealable Judgement


[Date:] 22 Shahrivar 1373 [13 September 1994]


The Preliminary Commission for the Investigation of Employment Offences of the Department of Education of the Province of Gilan met on 15 Shahrivar 1373 [6 September 1994], with the participation of three members, to investigate the allegations against Mrs. Shafigheh Mohammadzadeh Arabi, the official employee; Born: in [redacted], Identification number: [redacted], Issued from: [redacted]; Daughter of: Moslem, married/unmarried, with High School Diploma of Physical Sciences, Group rank: 8; having 21 years of work experience; Organizational position: Primary School Teacher serving in the City of [redacted] of the Province of Gilan; and at the time of issuing decision, she has been employed.

Considering the existing records and documents in the file, and according to the description of the Proceeding Synopsis mentioned below, the accusation/accusations related to the defendant, which is according to the paragraph 32 of Principle 8 of Investigation of Employment Offences Act, approved on 7 of Azar 1372 [28 November 1993], of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, is an established fact. Therefore, the offender, according to paragraph [illegible] of Article 9 of the above-mentioned Law, is sanctioned by the conviction of permanent dismissal from government services and other related organizations.

This judgement is appealable, and the convict has the right of appeal through the Personnel Office, for a maximum one month from the time of the communication date, to Branch 2 of the Commission for Investigation of Employment Offences of the Ministry of Education. Otherwise, according to paragraph 1 of Article 4 of the mentioned law regarding this decision, after the expiration of the mentioned period of objection, the judgement will necessarily be applicable.

Proceeding Synopsis: Mrs. Shafigheh Mohammadzadeh, aggregate of Education and Training of Rudsar, employed on 1 Ordibehesht 1354 [21 April 1975] through the letter M/3/182 of 22 Farvardin 1373 [11 April 1994], the accusation against the mentioned person has been communicated and the relevant file has been sent to the Commission for observation. The file records mention that she is a member of the perverse Baha’i sect, and this accusation has been confirmed by the competent authorities. Therefore, the Commission, while applying the two paragraphs 17 and 18 of the applicable laws, notifies the afore-mentioned of the accusation brought against her, through letter number 20/h/4932/1245 of 4 Mordad 1373 [26 July 1994], and she has not only confirmed the accusations but also defended this perverse sect in her written response of 8 Shahrivar 1373 [30 August 1994].

Whatever the case may be, the Commission, after observing the defence plan and final investigation of her offences, considers it as an established fact, and considering Article 21 of the executive by-laws, has unanimously approved the description above and has issued its judgement. In the case of objection to the issued decision, the accused can take action through the relevant Personnel Office according to Article 25 of the executive by-laws.


Seyyed Kazem Hoseini Oshkouri [signature]

Fereydoun Keyhani Rad [signature and official stamp]

Sabet Shaygan [signature]

On 1 Mehr 1373 [23 October 1994] it was communicated to me. Signature

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