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In the Name of God

From [illegible] Kerman r.a.

Expulsion: ----

Article: ----

Order of the number: 848 - [Illegible] – Kerman

Number: 701-03-111 

Date: 25 Bahman 1358 [14 February 1980]


According to the Order in Council of Ministers of the Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the legal bill regarding purging and purification and establishing an [acceptable] environment, decreed on 7 Shahrivar 1358 [29 August 1979] by the Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran, Major II of Communication Seyyed Kamal Yazdanpanah, [from] the Collective Education Centre 05 of Kerman, will be expelled from army services of the Islamic Republic of Iran, effective 1 Esfand 1358 [20 February 1980]. /G

Document: Order number 701- 03 -17 dated, 16 Bahman 1358 [5 February 1980] of the NAZAJA Headquarters, Personnel Assistance, extension mode of employment, rank [illegible].

Signature of Original Order – MARA [Education Centre] 05 - Kerman,

Colonel Chief of Personnel Behrang

Transcript is identical to the original

Warrant Officer [Signature]

Head of the Pillar 1

Colonel Pajuhandeh [Signature]

Recipients: [illegible], 2 [illegible] 4 and [illegible], Statistics branch, List of changes, Order, Prices and Branch of Health Services of Base 1

For information and necessary actions

Undertaker: Sergeant 1, Nazeri


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Document number 7