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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

[Ministry of] Intelligence Office

Confidential Unit

Number: 1/2237/2608

Date: 16 Khordad 1324 [6 June 1945]

Attachments: 2 pages


Ministry of the Interior:

Following report number 1287/1526 – 22 Ordibehesht 1324 [12 May 1945], regarding the conflict between Muslims and Baha’is in Zabol, I would respectfully inform your honour that:

Based on the report received from the Zahedan police, as documented by the police of Zabol, as a result of the investigation, the perpetrators of the quarrel were prosecuted and their case was sent to Zabol’s public prosecutor’s office.

Four Baha’is: 1- Soheili; 2- Ali Mohammad Eftekhari; 3- Hasan Taied; and 4- Nouri son of Taied, were sent to prison by the magistrate’s office.  One of the above-mentioned individuals was released on 20 Ordibehesht 1324 [10 May 1945] and three others are currently in prison.

By approval of the governor’s office, Mowlana—the head of the notary public office—has been notified and advised to refrain from inappropriate discussions, and his operations will come under surveillance.

Also, the Zahedan police force has instructed the Zabol police force that it must prevent such quarrels in the future.

A copy of letter number 160 – 26 Ordibehesht 1324 [16 May 1945] of the Zahedan police force, and a copy of reply number 63 – 20 Ordibehesht 1324 [10 May 1945] of the Zabol police, are attached for your information.


Head of the National Police Force,

Brigadier General Zarrabi [signature:]


[Handwritten Note: 1] Political Division, 19 Khordad 1324 [9 June 1945]

[Handwritten Note: 2] Number 17577/1, 19 Khordad 1324 [9 June 1945]

[Handwritten Note: 3] Number 3369, 26 Khordad 1324 [16 June 1945]

[Handwritten Note: 4] Background needed, 30 Khordad [20 June]