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10 Khordad 1395 [30 May 2016]


In the Name of God

Esteemed Head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Babolsar City

With greetings and respect, we the undersigned, the owners of the Babolsar commercial units, would like to inform you that since 9 Khordad 1395 [29 May 2016], we have been faced with the sealing of our business premises again by the respected officials of the Public Places Supervision Office. This action was taken without prior notice, even while some businessmen were not present at work. Stating that any trade owner can close his/her shop for 15 days according to paragraph b of Article 28 of the Law of the Trade Union, there is no legal grounds for the sealing of the shops by the Public Places Supervision Office.

In addition, according to Article 23 of the Constitution, inquisition about religion is prohibited, and according to the holy verse of the Holy Quran, which states, “Let there be no compulsion in religion”[1] merely being a Baha’i is not a crime. If we are not allowed to work during our Holy Days and close our businesses according to [our] religious beliefs, we have not committed any crime.

As Baha’i citizens living in Babolsar, we request the esteemed official to order the unsealing of our shops.

With respect

[Seven signatures]


[Handwritten note at bottom of the page:]

In the Name of God, to be brought to the attention of the chief of the Intelligence and Security Force to act in accordance with legal regulations.

[Stamp of the Head Office of Judiciary of Mazandaran Province and signature of the Public Prosecutor’s Office]

10 Khordad 1395 [30 May 2016]


[Handwritten note in margin of the page:]

(Head of Public Places Supervision Office)

In the Name of God, communicate to the esteemed commander of the city.

10 Khordad 1395 [30 May 2016]


[1] [Quran 2:256] https://quran.com/2