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2 Ordibehesht 1360 [22 April 1981]

The Honorable Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Hamadan, Ayatollah Abol-Hasan Aalami

Respectfully, we draw your attention to the following:

We, the undersigned, have been in prison for over eight months under the order of the esteemed Revolutionary Court, and over two months have now passed since our last trial.  Throughout this period, we have been hoping that your faith and wisdom would [help you] understand the nature of the accusations, and that the misconceptions that have been the result of unfounded notions would be resolved with the justice and fairness that is worthy of your spiritual rank. During our appearance [before you] on 23 Esfand 1359 [14 March 1981] we felt a sense of justice in your attitude, and although we were positive of our innocence, based on the prosecutor’s recommendation we requested that in light of the coming new year and anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and the Imam’s amnesty order, an arrangement could be made that would enable us to return to our families. So far, however, we have not seen any trace of that loving kindness.

Honorable Ayatollah! Since the beginning of our detention we have submitted ourselves to the mercy of God and your justice, and such will be our resignation from this point on.  However, we mutually expect that with the manner born of justice that is indicative of your spiritual station, you can understand the arduousness of separation from our families and the destruction it wreaks upon our lives, and [you will therefore] not continue to prolong this situation.  [You assuredly] believe that the promotion and exercise of justice at any given time will attract divine pleasure and bring about blessings and prosperity.

We sincerely beseech confirmation for your further success in the service and promotion of justice, and we are certain of our families’ constant prayers for you.


Mohammad-Bagher Habibi [Signature]

Mohammad Habibi [Signature]

Tarazollah Khozein [Signature]

Dr. Naser Vafaie [Signature]

Hosein Khandel [Signature]

Dr. Firouz Naiemi [Signature]

Hosein Motlagh [Signature]

[Handwritten note in the margin]

The letter number 12/325/89, dated 3 Ordibehesht 1360 [23 April 1981], Tehran has been sent to the Revolutionary Court.