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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Interior

Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran



From: The Personnel Office

To: Police Department of Bushehr





Number: 32567 – 22/1/1359 [11 April 1980]


Given that, according to general directive number 2547 from the Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sergeant Major Hossein Solouk-Saran, [redacted], has been dismissed from service as of 15/1/1359 [4 April 1980] due to being a Baha’i, kindly instruct that his identification card, health and medical insurance booklet, as well as state properties [in his possession] be taken from him and forwarded to the relevant offices. The relevant general directive shall follow in due course.

A copy shall be sent to the Department of Telecommunication in Bushehr Province. Kindly arrange for the execution of the contents of the issued cable. Furthermore, any identification cards, health and medical booklets issued to his family members, and in the event he was designated a government issued weapon, [all] must be retrieved and forwarded to this Police Office.

Chief of Police in Bushehr Province - Colonel Rahim-Khani



Inspection Bureau, for information


[Handwritten note, number and date in the middle of the page]

2/519 – 23/1/1359 [12 April 1980]


[Handwritten note at the top of the page]


Administrative Affairs

Provide him with the photocopy so that required action can be taken upon his return to Tehran.

24/1/1359 [13 April 1980]